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Mission Statement

The Bay Area Doula Project is committed to increasing access to nonjudgmental, compassionate and empowering doula care to individuals across the full spectrum of their reproductive experiences, with a specific focus on abortion. In doing so, we foster a culture that trusts and supports individuals through the full range of reproductive experiences.



Our work is accomplished through dedicated volunteers who:

  • Educate and train full-spectrum doulas both locally and nationally. 
  • Foster dialogue in the Bay Area community about reproductive health and justice issues. 
  • Nurture solidarity and collaboration with our allied organizations through outreach and networking. 
  • Partner with ACCESS Women's Health Justice to provide volunteer doula support to people seeking abortions.
  • Provide ongoing support to local clinic-based volunteer doula programs



The Bay Area Doula Project believes: 

  • Every person’s reproductive experiences are unique. 
  • Every person deserves respect and integrity throughout their reproductive experiences.
  • Every person should have access to safe and caring reproductive health care options and support services. 
  • People of all genders deserve care and respect when accessing abortion or other reproductive health services.